As MDL Medikal, we are proud of providing “Technical and Preventive Care Services” for all medical systems that we represent and install.

Our technical service strategy is based on the implementation with original spare parts by our engineers and technicians trained directly from the manufacturers.

Our teams, consist of biomedical engineers and technicians, are trained abroad, and provide 24/7 service , they have the following certificates:

  • TSE Service Qualification Certificate,
  • After-Sales Service Qualification Certificate,
  • Technical Service Maintenance & Repair License,

Our technical support service areas are ;

  • Installation and Commissioning: Preparation, installation and commissioning of the systems such as anesthesia device, surgical lamps, operating room hangers, sterilization units,
  • Fault Intervention: First fault intervention and identify the problem,
  • Repair: Elimination of the malfunctions , electronic card repair, spare parts supply,
  • Maintenance: Annual preventive and maintenance services , as taking into account the prescribed forms, by using and maintaining the original spare parts  
  • Annual Service Contract: First breakdown interventions without wasting time with the annual maintenance contracts,
  • Medical Device Management Service: Establishment of biomedical department with our expert teams and consultancy services for SKS, JCI, ISO processes.

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